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Friendly Clock

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What's new

   December 26, 2004: Friendly Clock 2.0:

  • Added: "Alarm|Execute..."
       December 12, 2004: Friendly Clock 1.9:

    • Added: notification window is improved, now it is displayed atop of all windows.
    • Added: options are remembered at once, that excludes loss of options if Windows was crashed.
         March 18, 2004: Friendly Clock 1.8:

      • Added: 'Alarm' in context menu.
           December 5, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.7:

        • Added: 'Time Format' in content menu.
             November 7, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.6:

          • Fixed: Bug with short time format.
               July 25, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.5:

            • Added: Hiding at Alt+Tab.
                 June 27, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.4:

              • Added: blocking of repeated starting.
              • Added: decrease of time that FClock used the CPU.
                   March 10, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.3:

                • Added: effect: transparent for mouse.
                     February 21, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.2:

                  • Fixed: minimization was visible at start.
                  • Fixed: repaint bug after unlocking of Windows.
                  • Fixed: bug on high-color display mode.
                       February 19, 2003: Friendly Clock 1.1:

                    • Added: new application icon.
                    • Fixed: error when black font is chosen.
                    • Fixed: more that 3 Mb of memory were used.
                    • Fixed: "stay on pop" mode disappeared sometimes.
                    • Fixed: problems with virtual desktops.

                    General info | Preview | Download | What's new | Support

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