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   May 31 2005: Download+ 6.0:

  • Added: It is optimized caching while copying.
  • Added: Speed of copying withing local disks or drives was increased in some times.
  • Added: Screen snap.
  • Added: New skin - Panasonic.
  • Added: Item about imbedding in FAR and Total Commander was not been added in main tree of help.
  • Added: Selected in FAR or Total Commander folders were not copied by Download+.
  • Added: Incorrect display of sizes (multiple 1000 instead of 1024).
  • Added: Error at copying *.*
       May 15, 2004: Download+ 5.1:

    • Added: Improvement of FAR support. See chapter "Embedding|FAR" in help.
    • Added: Support of environment variables, like %TEMP%, etc.
    • Added: Parameter -dfl, allows to delete files-list after the using.
    • Added: Support of files-list, where file names are in quotes.
         April 08, 2004: Download+ 5.0:

      • Added: The contextual menu is simplified.
      • Added: "Help" menu is expanded.
      • Added: Click on window now opens the context menu.
      • Added: Tray icon now does not disappear after click on it.
      • Added: Balloon hint on complete (only when tray icon is visible).
      • Added: Chapter in help about integration with FAR, Total Commander.
      • Added: File-list support (for integration with Total Commander).
      • Added: Working from command line, for example: DPlus file1.avi DPlus file1.avi -f:"c:\My films"
      • Added: Files mask support: DPlus.exe *.avi *.mp3
      • Added: Log-file and its opening from context menu.
      • Added: Skin-demo-mode: DPlus.exe /skin See chapter "Skin" in help for more information.
      • Added: New skins.
      • Added: Restoration of copying after error or after logoff is improved.
      • Added: New install/uninstall.
      • Added: "Index" and "Search" chapters in help.
      • Fixed: Some small problems.
           July 02, 2003: Download+ 4.7:

        • Added: Opportunity to remove a file from queue.
        • Added: Option: Shut Down on complete.
        • Fixed: Problems at uninstall.
             June 23, 2003: Download+ 4.6:

          • Fixed: Bug at copying of very large files (more than 2 GB).
          • Fixed: Error at closing while copying on Windows 2000.
               June 15, 2003: Download+ 4.5:

            • Added: Automatic addition of Download+ folder in Windows paths.
            • Added: Command line parameters described in help.
            • Added: Skins format described in help.
            • Added: 'Update date/time' option.
            • Added: 'Global Handler' option.
            • Added: Automatic continuation of copying after restart or logoff.
            • Fixed: Displaying of 00:60:59 instead of 01:00:59.
            • Fixed: Tray icon was completely filled at 98% instead of 100%.
            • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                 April 27, 2003: Download+ 4.4:

              • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                   April 16, 2003: Download+ 4.3 beta:

                • Added: Option: Close on Complete.
                • Added: Option: Beep on Complete.
                • Added: Option: Minimize to Tray.
                • Added: Option: Silent Copying.
                     March 30, 2003: Download+ 4.2:

                  • Added: Download+ menu item when a file is dragged with the right mouse button.
                  • Added: Notification about copy error through application icon.
                       March 13, 2003: Download+ 4.1:

                    • Added: Editor for choice of destination folder.
                    • Fixed: Desktop icon was never created.
                    • Fixed: Wrong time calculation, when minutes value exceeds 24.
                    • Fixed: Wrong speed calculation (was always divisible by 50).
                         March 10, 2003: Download+ 4.0:

                      • Added: Folders support.
                      • Added: Files queue.
                      • Added: Drag and drop support.
                      • Added: More easy-to-use skin format.
                      • Added: New skin - silver.
                      • Added: Help file.
                      • Fixed: Bug with larger files (more than 2 Gb).
                           December 10, 2001: Download+ 3.2:

                        • Fixed: New dialogue for files choice.
                        • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                             November 5, 2001: Download+ 3.1:

                          • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                               October 17, 2001: Download+ 3.0:

                            • Fixed: Skins support.
                            • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                                 October 4, 2001: Download+ 2.0:

                              • Fixed: Beautiful interface.
                              • Fixed: Pause support.
                              • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                                   September 17, 2001: Download+ 1.0:

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