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Friendly Chat

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   January 18, 2004: Friendly Chat 4.6.1:

  • Added: Coloring of connected and old chatters in settings.
  • Fixed: Bug with plugins.
  • Fixed: Hot key for "Always on top" (F4) is replaced, becouse sometimes it accidentally activated.
  • Fixed: Common messages in chatrooms (not in privates) were not encrypted.
  • Fixed: Problem at changing of nickname by external packet.
  • Fixed: External commands FTP and HTTP referred on IE, now on default brouser. Choose "Settings|Interface|External Commands|Reset all" to apply.
  • Fixed: Check box "Settings|Select all|Auto delete" was not remembered.
  • Fixed: After removal of chatter the cursor in the list moved at first item.
  • Fixed: Replacement of network ways for shared folders has ceased to work.
       January 16, 2004: Friendly Chat 4.6:

    • Added: "Settings|Interface|Startup|Call all anew after start in N sec".
    • Added: Sound files replaced by 16-bit.
    • Added: FViewer support (and not only FPinger).
    • Added: Menu "FSoft|FWatcher..."
    • Added: "Settings|Interface|External Commands".
    • Added: "External Commands" in chatters context menu.
    • Added: Displaying of sound signal delivery.
    • Added: Automatic addition of oneself in chatters list at distribution kit creation and automatic removal of oneself from chatters list at first start of distribution kit.
    • Added: Copy in editor from messages window by Enter.
    • Added: Support of sub-folders in smileys folder. For simplicity smileys path isn't typed, therefore smileys names must be unique in all folders.
    • Added: Menu "Communication|Reinitialization" - disconnects all, reinitialization of netword connections and connects all. Useful after return from Hibernate or at IP address changing.
    • Added: Interface for plugins creation (Plugins\Plugin.pas). So far the most main - messages processing with reply support. Together with external command this can be a power feature. Interface for plugins will be amplified as will be known who and what plugins want to create. Write us.
    • Fixed: Chatters fonts were reseted, if coincided with default font.
    • Fixed: Hiding of smileys window after click on tray icon.
    • Fixed: Problems with check box "default" in chatters settings.
    • Fixed: Problem at playing sound files on some equipment.
    • Fixed: Problem in filters: chatter was blocked if it was specified its IP-address and not blocked, if the name was specified too.
    • Fixed: Error with displaying of symbol '|' in logs.
    • Fixed: Empty auto-private open if message was rejected by filter.
    • Fixed: Problem with displaying of special symbols in autoanswers hints.
    • Fixed: Problem in hints at displaying of symbol '|' in nicknames.
    • Fixed: Network path was not pasted at insert of a file, if all disk is shared.
    • Fixed: In logs there were not displayed two or more smileys successively.
    • Fixed: Option "Show icons in menu" didn't work.
    • Fixed: After withdrawal of the message this opportunity was also disabled in other conferences.
    • Fixed: Problems in "Settings|Control Panel".
    • Fixed: Male sex was by default (now "unknown").
    • Fixed: Links "news://" were not distinguished.
         April 24, 2004: Friendly Chat 4.5.8:

      • Fixed: Cleaning of chatters list.
           April 20, 2004: Friendly Chat 4.5.7:

        • Added: Component for smileys loading (RxGifImage) is replaced. Speed of gif-files analysis has increased approximately in 20 times.
        • Added: Toolbar replaced by default. - Schemes have removed :-( - Impossible to drag. - Redraw has increased; - Flashing was removed; - Loading was increased; - Logic has become simpler; - Size of distribution kit and exe-file has decreased; - Economy of memory and processor time.
        • Fixed: Practically all critical errors.
             December 8, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.6:

          • Added: "Create shortcut in Quick Launch panel" during installation.
          • Fixed: Fatal error after interface configuration, if smilies were in messages window.
               December 3, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.5:

            • Fixed: Bug with slow animation.
                 December 2, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.4:

              • Added: "Settings|Interface|Editor|Confirm sending to all".
              • Added: "Settings|Interface|Editor|Confirm sending in non-privates".
              • Added: Two-level anti-flood protection.
                   December 1, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.3:

                • Added: Now it is supposed two repeating lines in messages.
                • Added: Now it is displayed empty lines in messages.
                • Fixed: Some small bugs.
                     November 29, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.2:

                  • Added: "Settings|Users|Select old".
                  • Added: Significant economy of traffic.
                       November 23, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5.1:

                    • Added: Now smilies are not animated when the chat is not active.
                    • Added: The panel for smilies choice is accelerated.
                         November 20, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.5:

                      • Added: It is impossible now to switch off important system messages ("Settings|Interface|System messages")
                      • Added: Removed noseless smileys from default settings.
                      • Added: Animation of smileys in interface settings.
                      • Added: Smileys are loaded as needed now.
                      • Added: New panel for smileys.
                           September 21, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.4.2:

                        • Added: The Ukrainian interface language. Special thanks to Yura Talimonchik.
                             July 14, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.4:

                          • Added: 'Settings|Filters...'
                          • Added: 'Settings|Create Setup...'
                          • Added: right-click user | Open in FAR.
                               February 20, 2003: Friendly Chat 4.1:

                            • Added: IRC support.
                            • Added: professional interface.
                            • Added: new help-file.
                            • Added: new site for the product.
                                 1999-2002: Friendly Chat 3.x:

                              • Added: new name (the old one coincided with another product).
                              • Added: greatly improved interface.
                              • Added: help-file.
                                   1997-1998: Easy Chat 2.x:

                                • Added: new name.
                                • Added: support of unlimited number of interlocutors.
                                     1996-1997: Super Chat 1.х:

                                  • Added: support of messages exchange between two users.

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