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Friendly Net Viewer
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Friendly Net Viewer
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Friendly Net Viewer

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   December 22, 2011: Friendly Net Viewer 2.2.1:

    Friendly Net Viewer is Freeware now.
         December 27, 2004: Friendly Net Viewer 2.2:

      • Added: Defining of computer or user name in black/white list as a mask: ? - one symbol; * - zero, one or several symbols; | - all that further - exclusionary mask.
      • Added: Kick all mode in while executed defined application.
      • Added: Opportunity to remember connections only with opened files.
      • Added: Notification sound file is improved.
      • Fixed: Information panel size was not remembered.
      • Fixed: Bug with checking only by computer name in black/white list.
      • Fixed: Fatal error at deleting computer from the list while looking its context menu.
           March 30, 2004: Friendly Net Viewer 2.1:

        • Added: API:
          TFrAPI - is a component for C++ Builder or Delphi, with demonstation application and all source codes. It gives a program interface for developers for access to the maps and devices of started FViewer. Allows developers to create utilities and plugins for FViewer.
        • Added: "Search" tab in help.
        • Added: "Development" chapter in help.
        • Added: Opportunity to override inscription "Status" in plugins.
        • Added: Support of %IP, %Address, %Name keys in statuses of plugins.
        • Fixed: Some small problems.
             March 22, 2004: Friendly Net Viewer 2.0:

            Briefly: Multi-Maps, Maps Server, Edit Mode,
            different scan modes (besides ping), various map backgrounds, labels, rectangles, PNG, FTP, FAR, binding the hub to the hub, notifications for hubs, plugins, API, e-mail authentication, new toolbar, sufficient application speed up, new-made core, old bugfixes.
          • Added: Romanian and German interface languages.
          • Added: Thanks to the built-in error report system (activated on the error) a lot of reports were received and operated on. Almost all the errors were detected and fixed. Thanks to all, who agreed sending us the report Thanks to You, our products become more reliable.
          • Added: No more e-mail update notifications. Now the notification is built in the program and is enabled if you want it. "File|Options|Other|Check for new version on startup"
          • Added: "Create shortcut in Quick Launch panel" during the installation process.
          • Added: Opening several maps at a time.
          • Added: Display of the map edit and changing modes in the map tabs.
          • Added: Maps server - allows users to update maps synchronically, and administrators can synchronically edit them. "Help|Options|Maps Server".
          • Added: "File|Options|Maps".
          • Added: View/Edit mode with the map write-protection.
          • Added: Menu "File|Reopen" is now duplicated in the control panel, near the Open Map button.
          • Added: Plugins - allows you to differentiate the device scan methods, and create the new ones.
          • Added: "File|Update Map".
          • Added: Interface settings are now saved with the map.
          • Added: Adding labels/rectangles.
          • Added: Horizontal aligning by centre.
          • Added: External commands execution for a group of selected devices.
          • Added: Support of e-mail servers, required authentication. (File|Options|E-Mail|My server required authentication)
          • Added: Export to PNG.
          • Added: Export to FTP.
          • Added: FTP support for "Notification|Notification options|Display events on Web-page".
          • Added: The ability to export without the backgroung image.
          • Added: sufficient increase in animation. CPU load is greatly reduced.
          • Added: Objects dragging speed-up.
          • Added: Maps open much faster, due to the sub-map graph caching. Sub-map opening speed up, due to the thing that they are always taken from the cache. Select "File|Open" to read from the file again.
          • Added: New mean of internal binding allowed notification binding by the identifiers. It allowed assigning notification to the non-address devices (nubs, switches etc.).
          • Added: Notification on several maps at once.
          • Added: You may now connect non-address devices (hubs, switches etc.) to each other. In this case they act as one object, i.e. all the hubs in a binding will be switched on, if at least one device, attached to any switch in the binding is on.
          • Added: Start/Go down notification for non-address devices (hubs/switches). Allows assigning "complicated conditions", when several devices go down, for example.
          • Added: Saving all the animation shots in one bitmap file - memory economy and a sufficient decrease in the number of GDI objects used. It was especially critical in Windows 9x/ME.
          • Added: External commands are easy to use now. Their interface is now moved to 'File|Options|Commands'.
          • Added: Re-sort of the external commands.
          • Added: Paused devices state is now saved on exit.
          • Added: Device may be opened in FAR now.
          • Added: Line types (File|Options|Lines).
          • Added: You may now specify the line's length and type.
          • Added: New map information dialog window style.
          • Added: Representation of the number of lines of each type and their length (View|Map Information|Line Types)
          • Added: You may use '%Address' macros instead of the device address
          • Added: Control panel was done anew.
          • Added: Trace Route for additional addresses.
          • Added: Serach of the devices in the sub-maps by device's additional information.
          • Added: Generalized search.
          • Added: Representation of cursor position on the map while moving it.
          • Added: Enter works as a double-click on the device, when you are in the edit mode, instead of calling in the configuration dialog window.
          • Added: The ability to change the colors of several lines at once.
          • Added: You may now point the line node insertion point with the mouse.
          • Added: Now enabling the grib (hold the Ctrl key) is also applied to the lines adding.
          • Added: You may now drag the lines by the edge.
          • Added: You may now use %Time and %Name keys in the notification external command parameters.
          • Added: Scroll bars ar now moved automatically when you select a group of objects with the mouse.
          • Added: F2 - call in the selected device's configuration dialog window.
          • Added: Ctrl+A (select all) in Lite version.
          • Added: Ping/Trace context menu in the Lite version.
          • Added: The ability to scan all the devices, not just the ones that are switched on.
          • Added: Map rendering is now faster.
          • Added: Last map position is now saved.
          • Added: F5 pings devices, even if pause mode is enabled.
          • Added: "Copy Address" button in the device context menu.
          • Added: "Change" button in the notification window.
          • Added: Plugins now require the new way of saving the devices' state. The format of Status.dat was changed.
          • Added: FPServer is not used anymore, its functions were transferred to the plugins.
          • Added: Additional addresses settings configuration was simplified.
          • Added: ESC now cancels the line addition during the process of line adding, instead of minimizing the application.
          • Added: Switch icon (Switch.gif).
          • Added: Cable laying date option in the line properties.
          • Added: Edge flipping while dragging the map.
          • Fixed: Modem and minicomputer icons bug.
          • Fixed: Error when working with several post servers.
          • Fixed: After calling in the file dialogs, the current program directory changed.
          • Fixed: Icons are not transparent in the hints, when using gifs.
          • Fixed: Some control panel bugfixes.
          • Fixed: Red color map background filling bug, when the tracing was on and a different map was opened.
          • Fixed: Additional addresses flipping during the ping process.
          • Fixed: Standard palette color selection bug.
          • Fixed: Device search bug, when a lot of maps are included in the process.
          • Fixed: Large CPU load when dragging objects.
          • Fixed: Same IP addresses were regarded as the same e.g., and
          • Fixed: Additional scroll barsappearance bug.
          • Fixed: Device ping process circularity, if a device is removed during the check.
          • Fixed: Letters division bug in the hints.
          • Added: Status bar.
          • Added: New style of customization window.
          • Added: "Options|Notification|Only according to kicklist".
          • Added: "Options|Notification|Play sound file".
          • Added: "Options|Service".
          • Added: "Options|Other'.
          • Added: "Options|Remote|Brose".
          • Added: Refresh rate in milliseconds.
          • Added: Hot keys for some operations.
          • Added: "Report" in context menu.
          • Added: Representation of the browsed computer in the header.
          • Fixed: When "notify on connection" only option is enabled, it notified on each file opened.
               July 26, 2003: Friendly Net Viewer 1.1:

              This intermediate version was built as a result of Friendly Net Watcher release.
            • Added: New product: Friendly Net Watcher - is 'Connections' from FViewer.
            • Added: 'Connectios' is renamed to 'FWatcher'.
            • Added: Some changes in help manual.
                 July 11, 2003: Friendly Net Viewer 1.0 beta:

                Friendly Pinger devided into 4 products.
                One of them - Friendly Net Viewer.
                Friendly Net Viewer - is FPinger without Inventory.

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